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MJP Peace Center

Bringing peace to the community by building relationships

Our Mission

The mission of the MJP PEACE YOUTH CENTER is to inspire youth to reach their fullest potential at school, at home and in the community. We are a nonprofit organization offering youth related workshops that mentor teens and teach youth the skills necessary to avoid conflict and violence. We offer a number of programs that reflect opportunities for youth to be engaged in activities that promote Peace and Good Citizenship. We mentor and provide workshops on Life Skills, Pre-Employment Training, Entrepreneurship, Personal Development and Conflict Resolution.

Community Programs

Gymnasium for Adults and Youth

Our indoor gymnasium is a neighborhood destination for both adults and youth. Our programs provide our community the opportunity to be active, have fun and play a little ball. Without this support system, at-risk kids are more likely to make unhealthy lifestyle choices, affecting chances of success and ultimately the future of their community.

Homework Circle

In Milwaukee, many students are struggling with their schooling. Once a child falls behind it is hard to catch up. At MJP Peace Center, we provide additional help for children to overcome the challenges that they might be facing in school by offering free homework circles.

Reading Skills

This program allows the kids to increase their reading and math levels. It also provides help for homework that they may be struggling with. The opportunity is provided for children to increase their self-confidence and enable them to be prepared for their future.

Computer Lab

We help inner-city youth gain technological fluency. Our programs are designed to provide inner-city youth with access to new technologies. But access alone is not enough. Our programs are based not only on new technology, but on new ideas about learning and community. It represents a new type of learning community—where young people and adult mentors work together on projects, using new technologies to explore and experiment in new ways.

Daily Snacks and Meals

No person, no child should go hungry. We provide food, recreation and a safe place for kids to play and be a kid. These students get a nutritious and healthy meal every day. Without these meals, many of these kids go hungry every day. When they don’t get enough to eat, kids don’t do well in school.

Our Founders

Dr. Pastor Rosslind McClinton


Pastor Micky McClinton


To Donate or for More Information

+414 312 8853

2602 W. AUER AVE.